• The warehouse can be used as a fully integrated logistic hub to store goods under bond, thus saving up front total customs duty payment, detention fee, demurrages etc.

  • The bonded goods can be delivered locally/ within Kingdom to distributors or resellers of the importer in marketable lots.

  • Consolidation, packing, repacking and re-labeling for both local and re-export markets.

  • Goods imported from various centers or countries can be combined with then local material in order to make a fresh export to any part of the world.

  • Value addition can be done to imported cargo at our warehouse by customers for local distribution or re-export.

  • A Central / regional distribution hub to local and international markets catering intermodal center for 3rd party logistics (3PL) for shipping agents and freight forwarders.

  • De-consolidation of grouped cargo and its dissemination by shipping agents.

  • As Jeddah is strategically situated on the red sea it is an ideal storage and re-distribution hub to Africa, Europe, Asia and America.