Labelling Cargo:
A value added Service from IAP Logistics

Our services begin when the client fulfils the documentary formalities of bringing the shipment to the Bonded and Re-export Zone (BRZ) and hands over the Seaway MBL copy and Shipping Line Delivery Order (SL D/O) to IAP Logistics.
(Documentation of SWB and rates will be provided to you once the business is finalized)

Container Destuffing

Forklifting Cargo into Warehouse

Our Labelling Services include the Following:

  • Preparing detailed Customs Manifest

  • Submitting Documents to (BRZ Office) operation office for container entry permits.

  • Paying Container movement Fees and Port Dues at Customs Port Yards and Port Authorities.

  • Collecting Container Loading Paper from Port Contractors.

  • Transporting the full container from port to BRZ.

  • Stripping the container

  • Splitting the cargo

  • Labelling the products with Arabic or any other specified label from Clients.

  • Repacking the Product

  • Palletization & Stretch Wrapping of the Cargo

  • Storing the cargo at our Bonded warehouse

  • Issuing the Sub Delivery Order in favor of consignee for customs purposes.

  • Transporting and returning the empty container to the shipping line yard.

  • Loading cargo on consignee’s trailer by forklifts and labor.

Unboxing the Product

Labelling the Product

Labelled Cargo repacked, pallatized and Stretch Wrapped and dispatched to Client