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M/s. IAP logistics Services is fully geared to provide a multitude of logistic services to its clients through its custom bonded warehouse at the Islamic Port, Jeddah. Custom bonded warehouse is a defined storage premises where imported cargo can be stored without payment of customs duty and can be cleared in instalments as per the convenience of the importer with or without value addition. Within our domain of operations, clients are assured of transparency and highly efficient cargo handling by a team of dedicated workforce without any loss in cargo value through mishandling and/or pilferage.

Custom Bonded Warehouse & Allied Logistics

Instant Economic Benefits of Bonded Warehousing:



  • You only Pay duty for the Quantity you ship out of Bonded Area


  • There are no Demurrage Charges


  • There are no Detention Charges
  • VAT


  • VAT is not applicable to clients till they sell and bill the goods.

    Apart from the obvious advantages of deferred customs duty which reduces the burden on the working capital and savings on demurrage, cargo detention and bulk carting costs to clients using bonded warehouse, We at IAP logistics Services provide a score of other services to our clients that will not only make their supply chain cost effective but also increase the momentum across it.

    Our warehouses has 1200 m² of floor area each with a height of 6.85 m. They are built to international standards with configurable racking systems, CCTV, fire protection and firefighting systems, 24/7 security and 100% power backup system. There is Automatic ventilation system for controlling temperature and a separate area for safely storing cargo classified as dangerous.

    There is an open area in excess of 20000 m² foroffloading / loading any VEHICLES /ODC /PROJECT cargo and company owned containers.

    We have a fully automated office is available to conduct day to day business with a panel of authorized Customs agents who are regularly working with us.

    Central / Regional distribution hub to local and international markets

    We offer our warehouse and all its resources to clients who wants to use our facility as their distribution hub and serve their markets locally or internationally. We offer our services in unpacking the cargo into marketable lots, label them, affix bar-codes, insert accessories, instructional manuals, CDs etc., and send them on their way to the specified destination in quantities ordered on receipt of the duty payment documents. IAP also provides administrative support to clients in managing their distribution locally as well as globally.

    Cargo Consolidation & De-consolidation Services:

    We receive consolidated cargo containers arriving at port stuffed with goods belonging to different customers. We serve them by deconsolidated the cargo and sort it as per the cargo manifest. Importers or their agents can then schedule their delivery as per their requirement.

    On the other hand, we also provide space for cargo agents for consolidating partial container load cargo into full container load. Different part container shipments can arrive into our warehouse from diverse destinations get consolidated, stuffed into container and shipped to designated destination.

    Cross-stuffing, reworking and re-handling of cargo:

    Cross-stuffing, reworking and re-handling of cargo: IAP logistics Services provides cross container stuffing services along with several value added operations such as;

    • Bundling & kitting
    • Co-packing: Insertion of cables, catalogues, CDs
    • Labelling
    • Scanning
    • Inspection & quality checks
    • Shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping the cargo
    • Re-bagging the cargo
    • Palletizing the Cargo

    FCL & LCL Services

    IAP logistics Services offer a full-suite of logistics, warehousing, cargo consolidation, de-consolidation, transportation services and LCL, FCL services to/from any destination in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Is your business expanding connections through international waters? Need a smart and efficient import and export plan? This means you are in need of ocean shipping. IAP offers two modes of ocean freight that is LCL and FCL services in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    When it comes to international ocean freight, IAP got you covered, we have expertise and options you need. We are well-known for providing cargo LCL and FCL consolidation services in Jeddah that are innovative, hassle-free yet cost-effective.