To provide high quality and reliable logistic services to our clients at the Bonded and Re-Export zone

located within the Islamic Jeddah Seaport, clubbed with several allied value adding logistic services.

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Company Brief

M/s. Iqbal Abdulla Patni Logistics Services Est.,(IAP) is incorporated under SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) which allows foreign companies to have 100% ownership. IAP the leading global logistics company, is an integral part of BATCO GROUP, INDIA which is engaged in logistics for over 6 decades. The most innovative logistics company in Jeddah engaged with international shipping industry to facilitate comprehensive logistics and warehousing solutions.

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Custom Bonded Warehouse

Custom Bonded ware house is a defined premises, where imported cargo can be stored without payment of customs duty and can be cleared in parts by paying only the applicable duty. IAP logistics Services company in Saudi Arabia offers well-equipped modern custom-bonded warehouse services that help you better control your goods & finances. For more information on the benefits of bonded warehousing read below.

Custom Bonding Procedure at JIP

Instant Economic Benefits



  • You only Pay duty for the Quantity you ship out of Bonded Area


  • There are no Demurrage Charges


  • There are no Detention Charges
  • VAT


  • VAT is not applicable to clients till they sell and bill the goods.

  • Other Beneficial Features

    Custom Bonding: Economic Value

    Deferred Customs Duty No Demurrage Charges No cargo Detention Charges Less Cargo Carting Costs No Taxes & Fees No hidden costs from the Government.

    Advantages of using Bonded Warehouse:

    • The goods are stored in bonded warehouse without payment of custom duties. The cargo can be cleared partially as needed and duty is applicable only on the quantum cleared. Thus paying total duty at one time is avoided.

    • The best logistics company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to provide reliable warehouse services facilitating various operations which make the goods suitable for distribution. The importer is permitted to divide, mix and pack the goods when these are kept in the warehouse.

    • It facilitates re-export of goods without much financial expenditure because the imported goods meant for re-export are kept in the warehouse.

    • The importer can effect sale of goods or transfer the title of goods by endorsing the warehouse receipts.

    • The importer of the goods is allowed to brand, grade, label and repack the goods in the bonded warehouse.

    • Goods kept in bonded warehouse are safe and are free from the fear of being pilferage or damaged.

    Open Storage Area

    20000 m² of open storage Yard for offloading/loading any VEHICLES/ ODC /PROJECT cargo and company owned containers